Factions of the Cycle

  • Knights of the Round Table

    Figures from Arthurian legend, chivalrous and villainous alike; heroes like the titular Arthur, brash Sagramore and lesser-known Morien, and villains like Mordred and maleagant

  • Angels of the Heavenly Hosts

    Bringing the word of God with them, the heavenly hosts protect His kingdom from degeneracy and corruption. Gabriel, Michael, Baraqiel; fallen or not, all of Gods servants have a role to play in the Cycle.

  • Legions of Hell

    As those from heaven above fill their role, so do those in the burning pit below. Occult Baphomet, corrupting Azazel and the seductive succubus all prey upon mortal kind and threaten to tip the world into darkness.

  • Servants of the Dead

    Amidst the turmoil and goaded on by the forces of Hell, the dead are allowed no rest. They cast off their rust-eaten shackles, and erupt from their dark and subterranean dwellings to consume the living and embrace the end of days.

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