I’m currently developing educational content for digital artists; at the moment my focus is on building a Commissions Toolkit, and tutorials for digital painting in Clip Studio Paint.

In the meantime, I have written a number of useful articles for SelfEmployedArtist.com on painting tablets, software, freelancing and many more topics.

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Actionable Advice for Digital Artists

  • How to Price Digital Art Commissions: a Beginners Guide

    Figuring out your prices as a digital artist can be confusing and scary - so I wrote this guide!

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  • The Best Places to Sell Art Commissions

    A simple guide for where to sell your digital art commissions, and get started making a freelance income.

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  • Huion vs Wacom tablets

    Wacom is the old king of the scene, and Huion is the new rival vying for dominance - but who is king now?

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