The Nidean Legacy

The Nidean Legacy is a celebration and expansion of the ancient mythologies at the foundations of our culture, brought forth into the digital age.

  • Aion, God of Eternity

    In ancient Greco-Roman religion, Aion was associated with time, the zodiac and the sphere that encompasses all of reality and space. Aion had large overlaps with other gods, especially with Chronos due to their shared association with time.

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  • Nyx, Goddess of Night

    Nyx is the Primordial goddess of the night; a dark, powerful and mysterious being, mother of many dark deities and feared by both men and gods alike - so powerful that even Zeus himself would not dare incur her wrath.

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  • Tekmor, Goddess of Endings

    The goddess Tekmor is an ancient primordial being that may have ties to the mythical Moirai and Ananke in Orphism.
    The Ancient Greek word tekmar (or tekmor in Homer’s writings) means fixed goal or purpose - it can also refer to a sure sign, of such certainty as if from the heavens itself.

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